Day 15: Improving your websites performance

How is your website doing?

Perf website

Pretty good :)

How’s yours doing ?

The featured image says it all, performance 100%, structure 97%, etc…

There’s nothing to do then ?

That’s not so simple.

Let me explain.

This tool was introduced to me by my CTO, Vanessa Chellen, at the time I was working for them. (Thanks Vanessa!)

And it served me well.

If we’re an A grade, are we considered OK?

Not to me.

The website does load fast.

Agree, but…when we look closer.

Unthrottled connection

unthrottled highlighted

By default, gtmetrix tests your website using an unthrottled connection.

An unthrottled connection is an unlimited connection.

An unlimited connection has no bandwidth limitation.

It could be testing your page using a gigabit connection.

Why is it not a good test ?

Simply, not everyone has an home gigabit connection.

And particularly in Mauritius.

The fastest home connection is a 100Mb.

My idea of testing

For me, to get a good idea of how well the website is doing.

We should test it using the slowest connection available in Mauritius.

I know a lot of times, on mobile we do switch to 3G at least on emtel.

New result

3G perf

  • As we switched to 3G and did a retest
  • My performance dropped to a C

Room for improvement

In the report, which is quite detailed, we get the top issues.

3G details

This part is quite insightful as it provides suggestions for improvement.

Medium impact

med impact

The suggestions for the 2 issues are:

  1. Change my css code to load in async mode, this means, it will not load the css first.

It will load the .css asynchronously with the rest of the page.

I did it and it did have a positive impact on my load time.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/style.css" />
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/style.css" async />
  1. Increase my cache TTL.

This will speed up load times on repeat visits on my page.

It will store my images in the user’s browser cache for a longer time.

On cloudflare, you do it by gong to PageURL > Caching > Browser Cache TTL

I set it to 1 day instead of the default 30 minutes!

bc CF

That’s all folks!

Hope this will be useful to you too :)

Do check out gtmetrix and have fun playing around.


GTMetrix featured image


Written on January 15, 2021