Day 25: Importing smartphone ICTA type approval Mauritius

I bought a mobile online

hello moto g8 power

Upon arriving to Mauritius.

I received a notification telling me this:

Dear Sir,

For all items having WiFi and Bluetooth options, ICTA clearance is needed to proceed with Customs clearance

After some time, I was able to get clearance from ICTA.

I’m going to show you how.


I looked everywhere for this mobile phone in Mauritius.

I couldn’t find it.

I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S7.

The beast lasted me 4 good years.

Now it’s coming to end of life.

Was looking at multiple devices and finally settled for a great budget Motorola G8 Power.

The greatest selling point of this is the lonnng battery life.

You can check out the Motorola lineup here

Needless to say, this mobile is unavailable in Mauritius.

So, I bought it online.

1. Register an account on the ICTA website

Head over to the ICTA website

Choose the “Online Clearance Platform” or go directly to it by clicking this link


Now, you register your account and confirm by logging to your email.

2. Login to your account


Now, assuming you are not a mass importer of smartphones.

You’ll choose the first option “Clearance to import ICT Equipment”

3. Apply for clearance


Choose the apply for clearance option.

4. Prohibited list


There is a notice that tells you to make sure that you are not importing jamming equipment, military communication equipment, etc..

Be sure to read the prohibited list carefully.

If your item is prohibited, simply wave goodbye. Flying kiss works too.

If all good, click on “Proceed”

5. Proceeding


This guide is only for the home user.

That is buying stuff for personal use.

So choose the first option.

6. Filling the form


My smartphone (mobile phone) being in the free entry list.

I just need to scroll down and fill in the Form A.


See above for an example of filled form. (some parts grayed(whited?) for privacy)

7. DONE !

You will receive a mail with a tracking number.

Once your item is cleared, you will get a number which you have to produce for clearance on your email.

They are quick, it took me less than 2 working days to be cleared!

Happy Shopping !


Written on January 25, 2021