Day 304: Earn Money sharing your internet bandwidth

Yes it’s possible, and it works !


We got so much bandwidth that is left at the end of the month.

All this unused bandwidth mainly goes to waste.

There are companies that pay you to use your bandwidth.

And you can start earning in 3 easy steps !

The bottom line

It works by using your bandwidth for SEO and web stats, brand protection and ad verification.

Your data is untouched, it uses your email address to sign up and your paypal account to pay you!

You can start withdrawing as soon as you reach $20!

What do you need?

  • An internet/3G/4G connection (preferably an unlimited plan) - for sharing your bandwidth.

  • A PC/Laptop/Mobile device - to run the application

  • A paypal account - for your payouts

Let’s start earning!

1. Create an account


Using my partner link gives you a bonus starting balance of $5.

You might be required to confirm your account by mail.

2. Download and install the client

Maximum number of simultaneously connected devices per IP = 2

Total number of devices = 10

3. Sign in to the Honeygain client

Last step is to just sign in to the client installed on your device.

Then you can start earning!

4. Screenshot/Actual earnings

Honeygain Earnings

5. Tips for earning more

  • Limit 2 devices
    Be sure to always keep 2 devices running at a time.
  • Online duration
    The more online your device is, the more bandwidth will be used.
  • Spawning multiple docker containers
    Under Linux, Windows or Mac, you may be able to spawn multiple docker machines.
    This way you will always have at least 2 machines running.
    This without having to power on multiple devices.
Written on November 1, 2021