Day 34: Fixing bluetooth on Motorola G8 Power

Motorola got issues

It’s not all dreamy blue everyday.

And this was my first issue.

Riding in the car

While I was listening to music in the car yesterday morning.

At some point, the music stuttered.

The sound stopped, started again.

It was a nightmare to listen.

Poor car stereo.

Initially thought we were out of 4G coverage.

But no, youtube had already streamed everything.

It seemed more like a bluetooth issue.

Searching for a solution

While looking for a solution.

I realized that this issue is known to consumers and motorola as well.

A guy mentioned that the G8 US version had no issue.

Mine is the EU version, which is affected by this bug.

If it was a hardware bug, we’re done.

Do or do not, there is no try

I started with the usual troubleshooting.

My reasoning was that since this was my first pairing.

We could clear the temporary bluetooth cache and get it working.

Clearing bluetooth cache on Android

  1. On your mobile, go to Settings

  2. Select Apps & Notifications


  1. Select “See all xxx apps”


  1. On the right (3 vertical dots), select “show System”. bt2 It will show you all apps that belong to the OS.

  2. Locate and select bluetooth app


  1. Clear cache and clear storage


Done !

That did it for me.

You should now pair your mobile back to the bluetooth device.

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Written on February 3, 2021