Day 4: Changing your routine

I changed my daily routine and why should you

Sleeping kid Today, I decided to reorganize my daily schedule for the days to come.

Are you listening ?

Your body and your mind have things to say.

Everything is proportional. If you sleep late, you will wake up late.

The reverse is also true for sleeping early.

Sleeping late

You first feel tired. The urge to go to bed is your body’s natural response to fatigue.

Now, you got things to do, projects to complete, deadlines to meet.

Rejecting all feeling of tiredness, you continue working.

The mind now listens to your wants, and you feel renewed for a moment.

When you arrive at around midnight and you are still doing stuff.

At this moment, you are well aware that tomorrow is going to be a crappy day.

Why ? You have to wake up early tomorrow.

And deep down, you know that your sleep quota is insufficient.

The later you go to sleep, the worse that feeling can be.

Sleeping early

When you go to sleep early.

You naturally wake up early.

Now, you got two choices

  • Get up and do stuff


  • Oversleep it because you can.

Once you oversleep, there is no going back, you feel worse than before.

And again, you know that you should have got up in the first place.

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” ~Benjamin Franklin

I’ve tried both.

I find that waking up at 5 a.m makes me:

  1. More productive
  2. Less forgetful
  3. Happier

Try it and see for yourself !


Sleeping kid

Written on January 4, 2021