Day 45: The Automation blueprint

A way

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Yes, there is a way to do it.


The state of being operated automatically - excerpt from merriam-webster

Why ?

The why of automation is the simplest question that I can answer.

Have you ever felt like your life becomes a constant repetition?

Like you are stuck in a constant loop and unable to jump out!

We automate because robots can do repetitive tasks with more purpose than us.

They’ll gladly do it for us.

How ?

1. Steps

It is important that all the steps are properly figured out.

Without all the (manual) steps, our robot will be incomplete

2. Order

The order in which each step is executed is crucial.

Without order, we’re just savages.

3. Do it manually

Make sure to do it manually.

The more you do it, the better laid out the steps and the sequence will be.

4. Expect the unexpected

It’s equally important to make sure that we catch any exception there could be.

For exemple, when opening a file, there could be normally two possibilities, either the file exists or it doesn’t exist.

What about the case where two names are similar ? Are we matching wildcards? Then there are more possibilities.

5. Keep it simple

The principle here is to keep the choices to a minimum to get our robot working.

The best way to do this is having 2 choices:”YES” and “NO”, then there is an exception to be catched if it occurs.

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Written on February 15, 2021