Day 5: Coding the publisher bot

The publisher bot is taking shape

A few days ago, I blogged about that publisher bot idea. Guess what ? It’s ready robot editor

What can the Publisher bot do?

  • Sync local clone to remote git repo (the blog)

  • Create temp directories and zero temp files

  • Checks if we have already published an article for today

  • Looks for unpublished drafts

  • Identifies a draft to publish at random

  • Adds some formatting to the draft

  • Publishes the draft and syncs to remote repo (blog)

What the Publisher can’t do?

  • Publish to Linkedin and Twitter (Work in progress)

How to use it ?

  • If you already have a blog that uses jekyll-now it works out of the box

  • Copy the script after downloading to a directory (say /tmp)
    cp -p ~/Downloads/ /tmp/
  • Modify those lines as per your requirements in the script
    #User modifiable #your blog repo name = locally cloned
    start_date='2020-12-31' #this is the date you started blogging, it serves as a Day counter
  • Clone remote repository (your jekyll blog) in the same folder (/tmp/) as the script
    cd /tmp/
    git clone [[email protected]:codarrenvelvindron/]
  • Create your new drafts on your remote repository
    #Naming convention should follow this:
    #Words in title separated by underscores
    #edit the file with something like (this is what i use)
  • After draft is done, run the script
    chmod +x



Written on January 5, 2021