Day 54: Google search alternative improved my search precision

I switched search engines

ecosia search engine

A little over one month ago, I started using ecosia - the green search engine.

The switch

It was hard at first.

I wasn’t getting the stuff I was looking for.

Sometimes, it became quite frustrating.

And I thought I would give up and go back to google search.

Giving up and letting go

In 2021, I made it a rule that I would never give up on anything that was of importance to me.

There is a fundamental difference between giving up and letting go.

Giving up is all about you; I give up.

Letting go is about acknowledging that something isn’t working and letting go swiftly; I don’t remember what I let go.

Basically, what I let go, helped me.

Maybe it will come back, maybe it won’t.

But since I let go, I am at peace with it.

Enough rambling !

Let’s go back to the logic.

Ecosia is based on Bing.

Bing is a Microsoft product.

Need I say more?

Google search number 1 ?

See, there is a reason why Google search is number 1.

It kindof has a way of knowing what you meant and matches exactly what you want.

You can be vaguely precise about what you want.

It wasn’t that way before to be honest.

But now, it encourages laziness.

This is how good it has become.

Ecosia - Bing

I noticed frequently that many of my past searches on google weren’t giving me the expected results on Ecosia.

So, I compared the two until I found the answer.

It’s all about precision

On google search if i’m looking for “an api client for python for some product”

I would simply type: “client python product”

On bing I would have to type: “api client python product”

Just one word, changes everything and returns exactly the same result.

Everytime I search, I try to be as precise as I can on a search query.

Btw, I encourage you to use ecosia, every 45 searches you make, plants a tree!

This way you can have an impact, and improve your search precision along the way :)

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Written on February 23, 2021