Day 58: Tips for successful personal projects

I missed a day

success tips

I didn’t blog yesterday.

I have to blog twice today.

How do you get it done ?

This was a surprising question from one of my followers.

I had to reflect on myself to answer this very deep question.

Tip 1: Motivation

Motivation: An influential force that drives you to do something.

Where do we get that force ?

For me, that force comes from thinking about an idea or concept too much.

The biggest trick is to write about it.

Buy yourself a notebook, I mean a real physical one.

Go old school, and get a pen and paper.

Once you reach that point where you tell yourself: This could work.

Believe me, the motivation is omnipresent.

Tip 2: Sleep

Sleep: The body mechanism for recovery.

And for going to outer plains (dreaming).

When you feel way too tired to continue, just go to sleep.

If it doesn’t work, sleep.

You might wake up in the middle of the night with that solution.

Tip 3: Don’t fear

Fear: The biggest demotivator.

Fear of failure, not being able to reach success.

Once you ban fear from your life, the impossible surely becomes possible.

Why ? Because the fear is the thing that is between you and your goal.

Tip 4: Be relentless

Take a 2 week holiday from your work so you can give more time to what you want.

If you don’t have a job right now; use that time wisely.

Do not waste a minute.

It won’t come back.

Tip 5: Just do it

This is an ode to Nike.

It really works.

Instead of thinking and thinking, just do it. It works!


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Written on February 27, 2021