Day 60: Password managers explained

Are you using them?

password manager

No. Well you should!

Passwords ?

Passwords are a tricky concept.

The more complex your password is, the better.

Hard to remember

The more complex, the hardest to remember.

And this part can be frustrating.

Passwords must be unique for each site

For each site, that you have an account on.

Your password needs to be unique.

Reuse complex password everywhere?

Once someone gets a hold of your super unique password.

They can get access to ALL your accounts.

Password managers come in

Password managers solve the above issue.

They allow you to use a “MASTER” password on the password manager.

Then, you are able to get access to all your passwords!

Price ?

There are free and paid options out there.

But most of the time, the free options are enough.


Offers unlimited password storage on multiple devices.

One of the best free password managers out there.


Up to 50 passwords on the free plan.

I prefer Dashlane and 50 passwords is more than enough for me.

Allows you to generate a ‘complex’ password for each site.

Use it as a browser extension.

Take the passwords anywhere you go on your mobile thanks to the mobile app.

Remember only ONE password

Do you think you can do that ?

Well, if you can go ahead and start using a password manager.

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Written on March 1, 2021