Day 67: Optimize your images in bulk under GNU-Linux

Website slow performance?

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The most volumetric item on a website is an image.

Before you start

It’d be nice to know the performance gain before and after optimization.

Head to GTMetrix to find out.

After the optimization is done, check again your result using gtmetrix.

My score rose from 81 to 95%


Image optimization can have a huge impact on your website!

The performance could increase from 20% to up to 95% !!!

Easy way

As my site is a git repository, I simply clone the repo, compress the image and push it back to the outer world.

Under GNU/Linux

You need access to your images.

Then copy them to a certain folder.

Now we can start the optimization.

Optimize JPEG

We use jpegoptim to compress the jpeg.

Mind you, jpegoptim like its name indicates, compresses only jpeg.

It will output an error and skip the file if it’s not a .jpeg.


sudo apt install jpegoptim

Compressing JPEG

#go to the folder
cd images
#run jpegoptim to compress
jpegoptim *.jpeg

Optimize PNG

We use optipng for that.

Installation and execution is the same as for jpegoptim

sudo apt install optipng
cd images
optipng *.png

Have fun !

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Written on March 8, 2021