Day 68: We got it all wrong

Yes, we do

covid19 vaccine Here’s why.

We want to go back.

Since COVID19 happenned, a lot of people talk about going back.

Why ? Were you happier before ? Do you have a time machine ?

There is no going back.

Covid came to teach us one fundamental thing, we are doing it wrong !

Covid19 cleaned our air.

No traffic allowed.

You are bound to stay in your home.

Luckily for me, I have a yard.

So, I walked around and …the air I was breathing was much cleaner than what it used to be !

Covid19 showed us redundancy.

What was that thing you don’t really need ?

Since I wasn’t able to drive my car on the streets.

I realised that that car was not really crucial in my life.

Yes it brings me from a point A to a point B.

But apart from that, do we really need it ?

Covid19 brought us together.

Your family, arguably the most important people in your life.

You got that moment to spend with your family.

How much of it did you cherish?

I admit, for me it was everything.

If you preferred going to work, then maybe you should get a divorce! (Just sayin’!)

Covid19 made us mortal.

Yes, we forget it sometimes but we are mortal.

It just doesn’t happen to somebody else.

It can be you tomorrow.

Are you doing the things that you want ?

Is your life heading your way ?

If it isn’t, make it so.

Covid19 made us cook at home.

We forgot the fundamentals of why we work.

We are not working to buy a Porsche or a Ferrari or a BMW or a Mercedes, or some other fancy car.

We work to feed ourselves.

We spend most of our time eating.

Yes we do and it’s a pleasure to do so everyday.

It is! when you are not being served the same food everyday.

When you are not wasting a fortune for a meal that is just too salty too tasty and makes you sick the next day.

A word

Before we criticize everything that we believe shouldn’t be in our life, let’s think again.

We may die of covid19 tomorrow, but if we have to die, who are we to complain ?

But before we die, let us do everything we wished we did and die a hero!

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Written on March 9, 2021