Day 70: Merging two dictionaries in Python

Dictionaries again!

python merge two dictionaries

Yes, and in Python it’s possible to merge them.

Why ?

Normally, you would merge a dictionary with another for minimalism.

Instead of using multiple dictionaries, you can use a single one for all your data.

How ?

The important thing to ease the process is to use the same key.

Dictionaries are made of key-value pairs.

So if both dictionary have the same key, the merging process can be done easily using a loop.

Let’s do this!

#Create two empty dictionaries:
hero_data = {}
hero_ability = {}

hero_data["flash"] = {'real_name' : 'Barry Allen'}
hero_ability["flash"] = {'primary' : 'speed', 'secondary' : 'time travel'}

#Merge them
for hero in hero_data:
    print ('{}\n{}'.format('hero data before', hero_data[hero]))
    print ('{}\n{}'.format('hero ability before', hero_ability[hero]))
    print ('\n{}\n{}'.format('hero data after merge', hero_data[hero]))

I added the print statements to illustrate the results.

But the syntax to merge dictionaryX with dictionaryY is simply:


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Written on March 11, 2021