Day 71: Mentoring someone makes you better



Also known as a Guide, a sage, someone that is experimented.

My experience

Everytime I come to someone to learn something.

I always come with a beginner’s mind.

I accept that in the ocean of knowledge, without that someone I might drown!

And throughout the years, I’ve had many mentors.

All of them were older than me.

Giving back

Being a mentor is about giving back.

To all the people that believed in you and took a chance on you.

When you become a mentor, in turn you have to give back everything without restraint wholeheartedly.

Mentoring solidifies your own knowledge

We are all bound to forgetting some stuff that we consider irrelevant after some time.

When you mentor someone, you have to go back in time and find all that stuff.

In going back, some of the stuff that you once considered trivial, might prove more relevant in this day and age.

And this is when you need to filter the important from the trivial to help your mentee !

In the end, you yourself have a more solid foundation.

Mentoring brings about questions

Your mentees will always ask questions.

And this is the good part.

With your experience most of the time you will be able to answer these questions very easily.

But since mentees are from the newer generation, there might be new things that they have seen and experienced.

And these questions may force you to do some more research and in the end +1 to knowledge.

Mentoring makes you happier !

Our life and purpose on this planet is to serve others.

If you haven’t yet understood and applied this fundamental concept.

Then you are probably not living a full life.

Try helping others and just see how it feels after!

Mentoring builds respect

My mentees throughout the years always look up to me with a high degree of respect.

And that respect is mutual.

Without me, they would not have advanced as quick as they wanted.

And without them, my knowledge would end up in my grave ! What a waste it would be right ?

Respect always goes both ways.

Have a nice weekend !

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Written on March 12, 2021