Day 72: Easy way to learn programming


learn coding

Or Programming, whatever you want to call it is a beautiful thing.

If you don’t feel that way, you may be doing it wrong!

Here are my tips to make it easy.

Basics first

If you don’t have a good foundation, your building will crumble.

This is just a matter of time.

Don’t skip your basics!

Be easy on yourself

If you don’t want to do it on one day, just don’t.

It’s no use forcing yourself to learn, some days are just not meant for it.

If you insist, it will be frustrating and you might end up hating that language or hating programming altogether.

Do more

Say, you just finished 2 chapters in an ebook.

It would be logical to start the third one.

But, you are just following instructions in a book.

Try to chain together things that you learned from Chapter 1 to things on Chapter 2.

Do your own thing and let your imagination run wild !

Comment your code

For everything you are doing, comment it.

Particularly if your code is becoming lenghthy.

Comments allows your brain to cement the new skills you have learnt permanently.

Have a goal and work on it

Have an application you want to do at the end.

As you are learning the language in an ebook, complete the tasks that you can from your own personal project/goal.

Motivate yourself

Programming is like learning a foreign language.

It requires time and dedication.

And you need to create your own motivation everyday to be successful.

Everyday before doing some code, motivate yourself.

Have some daily mantra and speak to your computer.

“Let’s do some code baby !” or something equivalent.

Have a nice Saturday!

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Written on March 13, 2021