Day 76: Should you get COVID19 vaccinated

We’re all thinking about it

covid 19 vaccine

And some want to do it and some don’t want to do it.

Is it 100% safe?

No, and no vaccines are really.

It is important to understand that vaccines are created by humans and none of us is perfect.

Adverse effects

There are adverse effects but they are rare.

Anaphylaxis It’s a severe allergic reaction.

And vaccination providers can effectively and immediately treat the reaction.

And this occurs 30 minutes after the vaccination.

And if you got this, you should not get a second shot of it (if using Pfizer/Moderna)

Severe non-allergic reaction This could happen 4 hours after the vaccine.

This non-allergic reaction includes hives, swelling and wheezing(respiratory distress).

You will have to be referred to a specialist in allergies and immunology to provide care or advice.

This part will not be immediately treated.

Rash/Covid ARM This happens a few days or few weeks after and these rashes can be quite large.

Red, itchy,swollen or painful rashes have been experienced by some people.

In this case, you should take an antihistamine.

Vaccines particulars


Remember when you were getting vaccinated at school?

Well, that’s not the one.

You are signing a form that releases the people who administer the vaccine.

This tells you that in case of DEATH or any severe illnesses, no one is liable but you.

So, before you sign know that you are taking the risk of dying.


There are two things called efficacy and effectiveness.


92% efficacy means that your chances of getting the disease after is less than 8%.

This is a measure in clinical trials.

Clinical trials are made in a controlled environment.

And as a result, the sample of people are carefully chosen to be healthy individuals with no pre-existing medical conditions.

EFfectiveness Effectiveness refers to how well the drug works in the real world.

And this is currently unknown.

For sure it will be less than the efficacy but we don’t know until we try.

So, in a sense we are the guinea pigs here.


I am personally not for or against taking a vaccine.

The choice of taking a vaccine is entirely yours.

But you should know that the risks are real and include DEATH.

Also, know that at any point of signing and taking in the vaccine, know that you have a choice.

The choice of turning around and saying “NO”.

Have a great day !

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Written on March 17, 2021