Day 82: Formatting terminal data with Python

It’s possible!

To print text in a python terminal at specific positions.


When we thing about formatting data in python, we think more about GUI interfaces, like tkinter.

But it is still possible to format stuff using python’s blessing library.

Blessings library

import blessings
from blessings import Terminal

Example code

Here, I want to format text to appear at the top, in the middle and on the bottom.

from blessings import Terminal

term = Terminal()
print (term.clear())
with term.location(0, term.height - 1):
    print (term.yellow("here is the bottom"))
    print ("more bottom text")
    print ("BOT")

with term.location(0, 2 ):
    print ("top "))
    print ("More top text")
    print ("TOP")

with term.location(0, term.height - 15):
    print ("middle text"))
    print ("More middle text")
    print ("MAIN Text")
  • The term.height is a special variable for the height of the terminal.

  • Minus one sends it at the bottom.

  • Terminal text can take colors but they are limited

Here’s how it looks like

python blessings



python blessings library

blessings on github

Written on March 23, 2021