Day 83: Iterating python data dictionary easy

This is my 4th post about Data Dictionaries

python data dictionary iterating

I must admit, there is always more to data dictionaries in python.

Since it’s been useful to me

I need to share that with you!

Wrong approach

This is the first way I tried to do it.

And it does work when you don’t have too many key-value pairs.

for key in dictionary:
    if (key == 'mykey'):
        #do stuff with the values

Better approach

For larger data dictionaries, with multiple key value pairs, it’s better to make use of: the items method.

for k,v in dictionary.items():
    value1 = v['item1']
    if (value1 == 0):
        #do something

Adding dictionary items from one dictionary to another

If you need to add only certain items that respect certain criterias from one dictionary to another.

Use the code below:

dict1 = {'name':'Birdy','age':'10'}
dict2 = {}

for k,v in dict1.items():
    if ('condition' in v):
        dict2[k] = v
print (dict2)


If you are stuck with a non-working loop that seems to return the same values multiple times.

It’s probably your approach that is wrong.

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Written on March 24, 2021