Day 85: Innovation or how to do it

A recurrent question


I admit it, I get ideas daily.

New ideas daily.

Innovation and Invention

Innovation and invention are closely related.

But they are different things.

Innovation is about improving what is.

Invention is about creation of what never was.

Freak of nature

People always come with these questions.

How do you come up with ideas ?

I never actually asked myself that question.

For me, it’s normal.

But there are some particular situations that allow them to come more easily

And situations where i don’t get any !

And today I’ll be sharing that with you.

1. Sleep

Sleep is often associated with laziness.

But for me, sleeping when you are tired, when the sun sets, is quite normal.

I do have a few burst moments where I sleep very late.

But these are rare and exceptional.

Most of the time, I do sleep early.

When you sleep, you go places and in these places you go, well, the ideas are there!

Also, feeling energized, refreshed in the morning allows you to focus on the now.

And be less distracted by fatigue.

You can force yourself to go on and on.

But in the end, sleep is just owed and you’ll have to sleep more to recover.

2. Stretches

Yoga. did you know that 99% of all exercises are actually based on Yoga ?

In yoga, you are not using weights, that could be forcing your body into unnecessary strain.

You are using your body weight in all poses that require lifting.

That is the whole beauty of it.

Calling Yoga an exercise is an insult to Yoga.

Yoga, is a communication with your inner self.

Asking: Is everything okay?

Just 2 minutes of yoga everyday, you got to do it everyday.

If you think yoga is hard.

Then, start with two poses: Child pose and Sphinx pose.

Those 2 are the easiest and are a whole body stretch.

Try and see the difference.

3. Meditation

If I could i’d meditate all day long everyday.

But unfortunately, I got a full-time job.

Meditation, allows you to focus on your mental.

That which is stimulated everyday, every minute of the day.

To achieve a lasting wellbeing, try meditation.

It’s easy just sit down and close your eyes!

If that doesn’t work for you.

Then incorporate meditation in every part of your daily schedule.

When you sit down to eat, you focus only on eating (and not talking).

When you take a bath, you do bathing meditation with the element of water.

Like this everything you do, do it 100%.


To favor innovation, your mind must be in a healthy place.

It’s all that is required.

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Written on March 26, 2021