Day 86: Converting nested list to list python

Was stuck

nested list to list python

This took me a little less than an hour to resolve.

I got to share this.

The problem

  1. I requested a json file from API.

  2. The file was successfully downloaded.

  3. Converted the .json to a regular dictionary in Python.

  4. Tried to use the data which was in the form of a nested list.

  5. It didn’t work.

How the file looked like?


Looks normal right?

I then tried to convert this into a dictionary

The lenght of this dictionary was 4.

This corresponded to the 4 keys that were in the dictionary.

I then checked the size of the list

The size was 5600+ in size.

This was weird

This list contained hundreds of data, not multiple thousands.

I then did a length check of the dictionary.

It returned that the type of the list was ‘str’

This was by far the biggest clue here.

There was a problem.

I tried to take a sample of that data.

Just a section and try to parse it and it was properly detected as list.

I tried converting the string to list

It was a list now but still contained 5600+ elements.

I tried separating elements of the list with a space and comma

So, it would be exactly like what was correctly recognized as list.

This didn’t work, I was shocked.


The solution was just to convert the list (which was in string format) to a list using the json library.

import json

That solution was ridiculously simple and somehow took me an hour to find out…

And you are welcome !

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Written on March 27, 2021