Day 87: forget screen use TMUX GNU-Linux


tmux linux screen

GNU/Linux screen is used to keep your SSH sessions active.

But it’s not the only tool out there.

We also have tmux -terminal multiplexer.

Here’s why you should start using TMUX

1. Tmux has a wicked interface

Unlike screen which leaves a lot of guessing.

Most of you already most probably know the ‘backspace’ trick to know if you are in a normal session or a screen session

tmux shows a status screen at the bottom.

With date and time, so you don’t have to type ‘date’ everytime to know the time.

Also, this signals that you are in a screen session as it’s coloured at the bottom.

2. Tmux is good with screen resizing

Unlike screen which always had issues when you resize the window.

Tmux is resize friendly!

3. Tmux commands are almost similar

Enter Shortcut mode Screen - CTRL + A


Detach from session Screen - CTRL + A + d

TMUX - CTRL + B + d

List all sessions screen –> screen -ls

TMUX –> tmux ls

4. Tmux commands are easier to remember?

Attach to last screen tmux attach

Attach to specific sessioname tmux attach -t sessionname

(Goes like tmux attach terminal sessionname)

A lot more options..

But my time is limited.

So we’ll leave this intro open for now.

Have a nice Sunday !

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tmux cheatsheet

Written on March 28, 2021