Day 88: Is teleworking more tiring to you


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Then, like me, you have probably been doing it wrong.


If you feel like you are working more while teleworking.

You probably are.

If you are working more, you may be what people call a workaholic.


A person with excessive devotion to work.

If you enjoy your work to a point where you put some extra hours at work without any additional remuneration.

Tips to get out of the workaholic zone

1. Start and finish on time

  • You are working from 9 to 5.

  • Turn your computer on at 9 and turn it off at 5.

  • If someone comes asking you something at the last minute.

  • Assess the impact of not doing it now, if it’s not an emergency.

  • Then there’s still room to do it tomorrow.

  • Politely decline and set it for tomorrow.

2. Take your breaks

As humans, we were not designed to sit a whole day in front of the computer screen.

We were designed to hunt, and forrage for our food.

But with technological advances, we are sitting more than doing anything else.

  • Set a specific time for your lunch break and take them.

  • Add them to your outlook calendar as a reminder and take the breaks.

  • This helps you feel very organized as well.

3. Time your work

Everything you need to work on should be in a calendar invite.

If you finish some work early, prepare for the next piece of work but don’t start it until it’s time.

4. Forget the smartphone

When we disconnect from the computer screen to take a break.

We should not be watching another screen (smartphone)

Get off that screen and go have a chat with your family.

Enjoy time time really, it won’t come back.

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Written on March 29, 2021