Day 89: Coding your way

Do it your way.

Coding your way python

Why? Because at least you’re doing it.

7,7 Billion

This is the population of our planet as counted in 2019.

7.7 Billion ways of coding ? Sure.

Here’s my way and my tips along.

1. Make a prototype

The actual thing preventing you from starting to code, is you.

I’m sorry, but this is true.

Make a prototype, of what you want to code.

This way you’re starting to have something that even while partially working, is working.

2. Modularize

Make little modules of each part of your code.

One function = 1 module

Call them to use them and use arguments/parameters.

Modularization also allows you to improve on modules rather than improve the entire spaghetti code.

3. Scrap your code and start over

If your code is working but it’s not as efficient.

Or it’s not working the way it’s supposed to be.

And you’re just not satisfied with it.

Scrap the code and start over.

Since you already have a good idea of how everything should be working now, it will be easier this time.

4. Share what you’re doing

Your little piece of code can help someone else.

Think about the impact you can have.

Start blogging about what you’re working on !

Chances are, you’ll become even better as what you’re doing since there is some additional thinking in explaining it to someone else.

5. Choose a language you like.

Mine is python.

It’s easy for me to code in python.

Life’s too short to code in a language you don’t like !

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Written on March 30, 2021