Day 90: COVID-19 OR the start of a new era

Never seen or heard before

covid a new era

Today,31/03/2020, in Mauritius it was announced that we are going into a month of confinement.

Covid-19 Strikes Back

In the beginning of this month, everyone was relaxed.

We were made fun of for ‘still’ wearing the mask.

Did we think covid was still here ?

It never left the country.

We are not some chosen people, and there is no such thing as a Covid-free island.

There were people who were silently infected and maybe were not even aware.

The vaccine is only effective if we count strains out.

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Now starts a new era.

With that new era a series of changes should follow if we want to make it work long term.

1. IT employees –> 100% work from home

There are several thousands of IT employees in Mauritius.

And we are all concentrated ‘mainly’ in Ebene.

Being able to work from anywhere, there is no point having us on the streets.

Even less, concentrated in buildings containing thousands of us.

Leave that for people who really need it, like construction workers, etc…

Companies will save on that rent money.

2. Supermarket –> Alphabetical order

This was a great measure by the Government of Mauritius and worth all applaud.

Too many people go into panic buying mode.

We go buy too much that we can chew.

The basic instinct of survival.

But, don’t forget that perishables don’t last long.

It’s just pointless for us to rush to supermarkets all at once.

Supermarket in alphabetical order is definitely a keeper.

3. Grow –> For eating and for the environemnt

Our land is meant for planting.

It’s time to grow, make the butterflies and bees happy.

I am starting to see bees around the house. (a rare sight!)

We need the bees to pollinate our crops and give us food.

And the bees need us to plant for them.

Be contributors

I am trying to make a case for us humans.

But the truth is, we are not really important for this ecosystem.

If all humans were to die tomorrow, the planet would thrive.

Trees,plants and animals will be happier.

Make a difference, everything starts with us.

Or everything could also end without us.

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Written on March 31, 2021