Day 91: Your stupid colleague makes you productive


stupid colleagues

Today we’ll talk about stupidity.

To understand stupidity, we need to understand what intelligence is.


Wikipedia : “Intelligence has been defined in many ways: the capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving”

If stupid is the opposite of intelligent, then stupidity is a lack of certain capacities or skills.

But everyone can improve/learn a skill!

Stupidity is always relative.

Relative to our perception of our own level of intelligence.

To you, your colleague may be stupid, but to a Nikola Tesla or an Albert Einstein, where are you situated ?

How does your stupid colleague make you more productive ?

1. They believe everything is possible.

Yes, they don’t usually see the real impact of what they are saying.

As a matter of fact, they will suggest things they can’t do.

But, being the person that can do it, even the impossible becomes possible.

2. They are too slow.

In a professional environment, you need to be fast.

And them being too slow means that at a certain point, you will be called upon to help.

When you are called upon, this gives you the opportunity to learn something new, or to cement your own growing knowledge!

Some touch-up work for you without actually taking the burden of the bigger issue.

Win-Win !

3. Life would be hell without them

Right now, you believe that life is hell with them.

Understand that without them, nobody would take on the additional work.

And even though they are not resolving it in due time if not at all, they still show up to work everyday.

Without them, the additional work would be your responsibility.

4. They make you look good.

Who do you think will be considered for that raise ?

Or for an additional bonus ?

Yes, the competition is weak.

5. They only understand simple terms.

The real mastery over understanding.

Is being able to explain something complex in simple terms

This means that to explain something to them, you have to improve your own explanation, condense and rework it.

Teaching something to someone helps you understand it even better!

What you should do tomorrow ?

Be thankful for that colleague to be part of your life.

Without him/her, you would probably be less of a complete person today.

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Written on April 1, 2021