Day 92: Health tips using computers

From a computer user

health tips using computers

Got my first computer in 1996.

It was an Intel Pentium 166 Mhz (without MMX).

My current health

25 years of using computers and I believe I am in top shape.

Diet is a crucial part of it but there are also several other factors.

Here are my top tips!

1. Eyesight

The eyes are the most used organ working with computers.

Stay a ruler length from the screen

Did you have a ruler at school ?

It was 30 cm long.

You should be a minimum of the length of more than a ruler(40 cm) from the computer screen.

This also goes for everything you read (from books for example).

This keeps your eyes in top shape!

Get computer glasses

Computer glasses protect your eyes from the glare from the screen.

They are cheap (around $15 on amazon).

If you don’t have it, try sunglasses if you don’t mind onlookers :)

2. Movement

Yes, we were not meant to be sitting in front of a computer screen all day long.

One of the conditions you can have is sciatica

Sciatica is very painful and prevents you from walking properly.

Take regular breaks.

Don’t just stay in one place doing nothing.

Every opportunity you have you should be doing something else.

Fetch a glass of water, do a few dishes, you name it.

Do something useful.

Walk around.

When on a work call.

If you have a wireless headset, walk around while listening or talking.

The thing is not to be stationary all the time.

3. Hands and wrist

The issue you can get from abusing the hands and wrists is a condition called repetitive strain injury

Rest the wrists

Your hands should be well rested on the desk and shouldn’t be straining.

Since they are in a downwards movement while typing, stretch them in the reverse direction whenever you can.

If it hurts around the base of the wrist area when you’re doing the stretch, it literally means you’ve been abusing your wrists too much.

Do the stretch as much as you can !

4. Back

The back can become quite painful if not taken care of.

The spinal cord is the column of nerves that connects your brain to the rest of the body.

Abusing the spine will lead to movement impairment.

Stay straight !

Most of the time,you will see yourself going down on your chair.

This is very bad for the spine.

Be aware of your current position on your chair at all times.

Correct it when the spine is not straight.

Do some yoga poses

Sphinx pose - Breathe in and out slowly, letting your spine rest on the ground for every exhalation.

Child pose - Balasana - This is a very relaxing pose for the whole body.

We live in a physical world

And as such everything is movement.

Without this body, we cannot live freely.

So, please take care of it.

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Written on April 2, 2021