Day 93: Preparing for a job interview


Preparing for a job interview

This is mainly aimed at people just out of college/university that are going to try for a job.

By the end of this article, you won’t be trying, you will be ready for the job interview.

My tips

Alright, I’ve been on a lot of job interviews.

And each job interview has brought it’s share of emotion and anticipation in my life.

1. Read the job description

The key to prepare for a job interview is to carefully read the job description.

It’s the first piece of information that you will get about what you’ll actually be doing.

Read each line of the job description carefully and make sure to ‘google’ what you don’t understand.

If you got that covered, you already have a weapon added to your arsenal.

2. Develop an interest in the company

When I say an interest, I mean a genuine interest.

Go on the company website and see and understand what they do.

Who is their CEO ? How did he come about founding that company ?

Remember that an interview is a beautiful learning journey.

3. It’s remote now, have your equipment ready!

Well, we’re in covid mode, so guess where the interview will be done ?

That’s right, in the comfort of your home.

If they sent you a zoom, teams or any invitation involving an application.

Make sure that few days before the interview, you already have everything installed and ready.

Nothing worse than having to install everything on the day of the interview.

And finding out that ,huh, nothing works as expected.

4. Be on time

As wanted as you are for the interview, it’s important to be on time.

This is a sign of respect for people who have accepted to take a chance on you.

For us interviewers, we have very tight schedules.

If someone is late for the interview, that’s already a very bad first impression.

5. Be honest

If you don’t know something, just say you don’t know.

That’s ok, it’s not a test or an exam.

It’s just an interview.

I personally always appreciate a candidate that says “I don’t know” than some genius know-nothing, but know all.

Even if you don’t know certain things, that is perfectly OK!

We can tell when you are lying,so don’t pretend to know, please.

This is at best annoying, at worse, a waste of time.

Good luck!

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Written on April 3, 2021