Day 94: The reasons why you are stressed



That invisible, inexistant condition that is driving us mad.

Did you know?

Stress is supposed to be a state where you become tense or anxious.

Realize something…

You are in control of the way you feel.

If you want to become tense or anxious, you will.

You can blame it on your family, your colleagues, your wife or husband.

But the real reason for the stress is…

You are unable to manage your own feelings.

You have an ego that prevents you from accepting reality.

Your mind is not still.

Is someone annoying you ?

Make him/her disappear (I’m not saying crime).

But, if you focus your mind properly, you are able to completely ignore the words.

The universe is made in such a way.

If you do want someone out of your life, they will disappear.

You have nothing else to do.

If you are married, you may receive divorce papers by mail.

Or that colleague may report you to the bosses.

Who cares ? At least you did it your way.

Are people talking about you behind your back?

Are people doing things against you ?

Realize that you are not that important in this world.

If you were to disappear today, what would change ?


If people want to talk about you, what can you do about it ?

Can you make people stop talking ?

Accept what we cannot change.

This is a sentence that completely changed my life.

If something is not going your way, and you are unable to change it.

No matter how hard you try.

Then accept it.

Once you accept it, it’s no longer a problem

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Written on April 4, 2021