Day 95: Money or Day off and why


time and money

Money in any form it comes is always tempting.

To the materialist at least or maybe the ones with projects of ‘grandeur’…

Money Fascination

Money can buy you everything.

Yes, it can buy you everything tangible.

Tangible is that which you can touch.

A car, beautiful stuff, food, clothing pretty much anything.

What money can’t buy ?


Here we become conversant with the intangibles.

You cannot hold happiness in your hands.

Love and affection If the reason you are loved is not you.

Then, what is the worth of that love ?

Family Can you buy people around you ?

I’m serious.

For sure friends may feel like family.

But if the only friends you have are gone the minute you don’t have money.

Worth Does having a lot of money make you more worthy ?

“I am so great, I have money”, said no one ever…

Success This goes both ways.

If the money you earned was ‘clean’ money.

You will be successful.

If it was not, you better be ready for the consequences.

Money or a day off

I’ll choose a day off everytime.

Why ? Because you can’t buy time back.

You can’t buy the last 2 years back and go back there.

If time is well spent, you can do many things in that time.

Things that a day’s work will never give you.

Enjoy your time on this planet, tomorrow is another day…

“Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin.

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Written on April 5, 2021