Day 96: Was COVID19 a warning sign

I woke up abruptly tonight

destroying the earth

My whole body was abnormally warm/hot.

I thought to myself, I need a glass of water to cool down.

Then, the rain started pouring.

Is global warming for real ?

Here’s what I found.

GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

NASA elaborated an estimate of the global temperature called GISTEMP.

It combines land surface air temperatures into a global surface temperature data set.

When we compare the figures from 1951-1980 to recent years(2000 onwards), the results are shocking.

2010 : 0.61 degress celcius

2011: 0.61 degress celcius

2012: 0.61 degrees celcius

2013: 0.62 degrees celcius

2014: 0.63 degrees celcius

2015: 0.64 degrees celcius

2016: 0.66 degrees celcius

2017: 0.68 degrees celcius

2018: 0.69 degrees celcius

2019: 0.70 degrees celcius

2020: 0.72 degrees celcius

GISTEMP interesting data

It is interesting to see that the seasonal cycle increase in temperature has decreased this year. see picto.

COVID-19 beneficial to us?

It is safe to assume that the coronavirus has forced us to slow down.

And this has had a positive impact on global temperature.

Human-made stuff outweighs all life on earth.

Did you know that all the useless stuff we created now outweighs all life on earth?

Is this the reason why we are being ejected by any means possible from our own planet?

Think about it.

Our body temperatures decreased

Compared to previous generations, we have a lower body temp.

Yes, the earth is warming up but we failed to notice.

Afterall, that’s what air conditioning is for right?

What we need to understand ?

‘The three letter words of the genetic code are the same in every creature – CGA mean arginine and GCG means alanine in bats, beetles, beech trees, bacteria, even in archaebacteria living in boiling temps in sulphurous springs, or viruses - wherever in the world, whatever animal, plant, bug, you look at, if it is alive it will use the same dictionary and know the same code.

All life is one. Seaweed is your distant cousin, and anthrax one of your advanced realtives. The unity of life is an empirical fact.’

~ Matt Ridley, Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters, Fourth Estate, 2000

What should we do from now on?

1. Stay at home as much as possible.

Use our cars only if necessary.

Who likes being stuck in traffic anyway?

2. Work from home.

If you have the choice of working from home, take it.

You are getting valuable time with your family!

Why not start exercising ?

3. Slow down the ‘developments’

Build your house, renovate but keep the trees and garden.

Encourage other people to keep their beautiful garden.

4. Plant trees and crops

Trees allow us to breathe.

Crops allow us to survive.

Yes,we do need them to live.

5. The purpose of money is survival.

We have more money than our grandparents or our parents.

Are we abusing the fast foods?

Try cooking your own food. If you don’t know how to cook, now is the time to learn.

Think before we act

We have that tendency of thinking that we can do anything.

Yes, maybe. But in doing so we are actively destroying the planet.

Every action that we do has an impact on the planet.

Believe it or not.

Don’t look at what others are doing.

If we all contribute at least a little to this goal, we can still save the planet.

Yes, our planet that we are destroying.

My friends, future generations depend on us for survival.

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Featured image NASA


2020 andd 2016 hottest years

GISTEMP seasonal cylce since 1880

earth energy off balance

humans cooling down

all life is one

Written on April 6, 2021