Day 29: Motorola G8 power first impressions

Just got it


Yes, I just got my Motorola G8 power.

An hour review

As usual every time I get a new mobile, I make sure that the full charge is 100%.

I know there are people who might not agree with this.

Some will say we have this and that technology and this is no longer necessary.

100% Charge

Thing is, it does make sense to me that when you just got a phone.

You MUST charge it to 100%.

If your battery has never known 100% charge, aren’t you depriving it from something ?

Be a good human being.

Hello moto !

The first time my Motorola booted.

These are her first words.

And dang, it not only says that “Hello Moto” thingy.

It also shows a gorgeous photo animation.

I mean it’s a nice touch, no phone spoke to me before at boottime.

Btw did you know that Motorola Mobility is owned by Lenovo ? Read here

First impressions

These are mostly positive.

Wait, we’ll list some points to see if it is.

The Good

  1. “The hello moto” feeling, this is new to me.

  2. The Camera, it’s great!
    • Great for me is no filters, shows you the way you really are.
    • Might not be a selling point for everyone
  3. The sound, it’s LOUD and CLEAR
    • That sound blew me away, unexpectedly
  4. Video playback - Youtube, runs great, no slowness, no lag.

  5. The fingerprint scanner, absolutely no complaints.
    • Bad part of my Samsung S7 there.
    • Pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to unlock.
    • No mistakes.
  6. Feel in the hand - It’s grippy, I would not require any case.
    • If only I was a no fall mobile kindof person that doesn’t exist.
    • But I did buy a Ghostek Covert
    • Btw that case is great, it also has a back holder that keeps the screen in landscape view brilliantly!
  7. The price
  8. The battery
    • Uptime 5 hours, 2 hour videos, 93% battery.
    • Updated all apps
    • Synced all my older accounts and pics.
    • 5000 mAH, need I say more?

The Bad

  1. The camera app is just bad.
    • Sluggish, slow to take pictures
    • Laggy all the way, I bet there is a way to make it faster.
    • Will find out !
    • Maybe a lighter camera app skin ?
  2. The audio
    • It lacks bass.
    • But on a positive note, the voice is very clear.
    • If you like hearing lyrics and singing songs, this one for you.


I’m satisfied right now, but i’ll give myself more time.

To make a real opinion of this phone.

Thanks for reading!


Written on January 29, 2021