Day 64: Motorola G8 Power 1 month review

Motorola G8 Power

I received it a little more than a month ago.

I talked about it in this Old blog post here

What I liked?

  • Solid Build It fell down thrice since i received it and it was on hard level ground.

Compare it to my previous (all high end Samsung) mobiles which screen broke on first fall.

  • Feel in hand It has a very nice feel to it.

So much so, that i prefer using it without its casing.

This was not the case with my samsungs, where most of the time, the heat of my palm would just make the touchscreen go crazy.

Did you say high end ?

  • Cheap 200$ for a mobile with 4GB of RAM.

Goodbye high end mobile market !

  • Monster Battery With 5000mAH in its bank.

It lasts me 2-3 days on average.

  • Great sound with a score of -24.6 LUFS (on GSMARENA).

It does sound great at all times.

Be it on calls or while i’m watching youtube.

  • Camera Very much acceptable for that price tag.

I admit that i need to stay very still to take good focused pictures.

But apart from that, it does take good pictures.

What I disliked ?

To be honest I didn’t have any high expectations for this phone.

Other than the issue I got with bluetooth with the easy fix here

And somehow that that issue didn’t seem to have a working solution at first.

The camera which doesn’t seem to auto stabilize.

There is not much to complain about.

I adapted myself to this great phone.


I highly recommend and it comes from someone that always bought high end phones.

I’ll gladly buy these budget phones anytime!

If like me, you are not an avid user of mobile phones.

But use them really when needed, and that may be long marathons.

You’ll be delighted by its capabilities.

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Written on March 5, 2021